Affordable prices-fixed price for services that should be part of normal daily activity. 

    Our indoor cattery complex is temperature controlled
    for your cats comfort and has soothing piped music for
    their relaxation.

    Exercise for cats is held in each of our rooms on a one
    to one basis. One cat to one member of staff. Cats have
    the ability to explore and climb our scratching posts in
    a safe and secure environment.

    With every new client we provide new bedding.

    All units are consistently cleaned throughout the day and
    units are disinfected and has kitty litter changed daily.

    Medication for cats is reliably administered by experienced
    personnel (complicated medications catered for).

We prefer to feed your cat the food that they normally would receive at home, so most varieties of food are in stock in our kitchen pantry and refridgerators/freezers. Even veterinary specific foods are available and are included in our daily price. We ensure that your cat receives the correct menus and we ensure that special diets are catered food. Only high quality diets are offered for those fussy eaters.

All cats are required to arrive and depart in travel crates
(Please refer to Vaccination pagefor latest details of required vaccinations)
and we also offer a
Pickup and Delivery service in one of our late model vehicles.


Australia's first airport address pet care facility-Only kennel and cattery located at Melbourne Airport

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